Secretarial service

Services for companies

If you or a colleague has been taking care of your industrial property protection, we will take over all your documents without any cost to you. This means that we will scan all the contents of your documents, electronically edit the relevant data and send you a data carrier with the entire edited contents of your documents.

You may request to receive our mail electronically which will allow you to easily use your electronic documents. Each e-mail contains your keyword and your reference number, so that each e-mail can be easily filed. You will only have to print the documents that you need to work on. We can of course also send you the documents in print

For patent attorneys

We offer patent attorneys an office community that can take care of all your secretarial work, starting with your mail which the office classifies and prepares for filing. Your mail is sent to you electronically, together with a message regarding possible deadlines. You can then work on that particular matter and dictate written submissions or directives to the office via a comfortable electronic connection. Alternately, you may also give the office instructions via a short memo. The office can prepare many documents for signature.

Any outgoing mail is of course submitted to you for your approval.

This means for you that depending on the initial situation you can bring your own office staff into the office community, but this is not necessary, because the existing staff is a perfectly matched team and it is a joy to work with them on a daily basis.

You work with the office as you would work with your “own office” but with many other advantages:

All you need to function as a law firm are a phone, a voice recorder, a computer with an internet access and your clients.
Because you are part of an office community with a perfectly matched patent law firm office, you can get rid of your administrative work (data management, human resources, etc.). You won’t even need costly premises.

This service won’t cost you a cent, since all costs are directly charged to the client and the office will bear the collection risk.

By joining the office community, you will only gain:

  • More spare time
  • The ability to concentrate on patent law work
  • Low fixed costs for rent and human resources
  • No cost risk for the work of your office

We would be very happy to present the office community and the practical aspects of our cooperation to you. To this end, we would be happy to arrange a meeting with one of our patent attorneys.

Our service is therefore especially aimed at you

  • If you wish to start your own patent law firm
  • If you wish to retire from professional activity or
  • As an owner a law firm.

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