Services for founders

By developing strong connections with our clients, we are able to develop individual cost-efficient approaches. Costs need to be kept to a minimum, as long as no money can be earned with property rights.

It is often difficult beforehand to estimate the costs involved with industrial property protection. You, however, need fixed maximum costs to plan your budget. Therefore, we will discuss the project and decide with you on a fixed flat rate. A cost information sheet will sum up the predictable cost schedule.

For each service, you may decide whether you wish to take care of the work or if you want us to take action. During the initial consultation we will determine who does what at which point. This way we will ensure that costs, which should be largely determined before the start of a project, are transparent and predictable.

We have extensive experience with the sponsoring of patent applications by public agencies. We will help you find patent exploiters and should you not wish to finance the enforcement of your interests, litigation funders.