QLC® – Filing inventions at the patent office for free

QLC® – filing makes it possible to secure a worldwide priority for an invention. This is allowed for by German law and international treaties. Only an application and a description of the invention are required. The priority only applies to the technical features described in that description. A patent based on the lodged documents can be applied for in Germany and abroad within a year after receipt by the Patent Office.

Advantages of QLC® – filing

  1.  The first advantage of QLC® – filing is that it allows an early protection of your application against citations of third party applications and publications. This applies also to your own publications.
  2. A second advantage is that the regular application in Germany and abroad which follows the QLC® – filing can and must be completed with all the knowledge regarding the invention that has been accumulated in the meantime.
  3. The third advantage is that the progress of the invention can be documented by several QLC® – filings within a year. Each additional idea related to the invention can and should be filed as an independent QLC® – filing so that during the patent grant procedure each idea has its own priority date. For legal reasons, it is advisable to include all information regarding all preceding applications in each QLC® – filing.

We would gladly counsel you on a QLC strategy for your company. Should you wish to submit a filing yourself, you will find useful information at qlc.de.